There is always a way around the puddle
There is always a boat for the sea
There is always a respite from the struggle
All you have to do is wake up and see

God is often too quiet and calm
He watches us with a glorious gentle smile
And as we stagger, tumble and fall
He waits for us to rise and trudge on

Your battle is your battle
Your vanquish is your glory
So sit upright in your saddle
No one loves a tragic story

The world will revolve either ways
With or Without you
People will mourn for just some few days
Soon they forget what you are going through

Lovers will come
Lovers will go
Some will stay
Through the fire and snow
You will hurt some people also
Perfection was never in our souls
So forgive and let go
Kiss hug love like there is no tomorrow

Families will sleep without saying goodbye
Gone to a place of melodies and light
Eyes forever shut
Never to behold earthly life
Tears and Tears
But God just looks down and smile

Make money Make money
Make money for your peace of mind
But drinking a jar of honey
Will never quench your thirst

Pray for wisdom
This world is too twisted for our logic
No one knows the reason
No one understands this eternal cosmic

Rid yourself of everything
Fill your emptiness with nothing
For knowledge will never make an entry
When the room is filled with pride and prejudice

When they remember you
When you are here no more
May they call your name with honour
May you children be proud of your lore

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A Stain in the Snow

I write not for you
I write not for me
I write for the unseen
Reasons beyond all these

The words come un-beckoned
They wrap around me, unforgiving
They want to be seen and devoured
I am a vessel in the hands of this slut

So dont ask to be written for
You are irrelevant to the writing gods
They lock the gates and shut me out
When I come with unclean hands

Dont ask what i write for
What am I to say?
Is it love or Life?
A beautiful release from the strife?

My voice is not my own
I know not what i sow
I only reap and show-
you the fruits I have been shown
So devour and know
That I am but a stain in the snow
And your attention is not what I seek
But you will wound up attentive Inadvertently

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Come drink with me

Hold me with your heart
Sing me like your song
Drown me in your blood
Fuck me all night long

Everything will come
Everything will go
Friends Families Foes
Heaven Hell Hoes

So seize it all with me
Seize the love and the grief
Come share with me my drink
The sky is never the limit

If we get old then we get old
if we die young then we die strong
But let then never see us as weak
Out stories will be told to the meek

So come share with me my drink
Come lay on this bed with me
There is no pain
There is no sin
There is just ecstasy
In this sea of peace

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A tired boy’s tale

I live in your reality
Mine has nothing to offer
Your strength the boat
that keeps me afloat
Smoke and ashes
Are all that is left.
No one is here
No one hears.
I have given it all.
My palms are bloodied
My feet are sore.
We are at the limit and
All bets are off.
Morality is a weak option
When holes fill the pocket
We will do
What we have to do

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We Soared

In your absence so sudden and cruel.
Life reared its head like a serpent in the loo.
And clarity came in all its goo and glory.
Like an angel falling from grace to gory. Cruelty was born to replace innocence
And we learnt the art of screaming in silence.

So we adapted like chameleon on the grass And became invisible like shadows in the dark
The robes of weakness
We traded for the armour of uniqueness.
And soon your absence taught us
All we had was ourselves.

We became dead to the world and to our friends.
We became ghosts and soared.
We fought and broke the yoke
We threw our fortunes into tomorrow
We made new garments for our families
And time reduced the pain of your sting

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Everything Good will Come

Just because it is written
Doesn’t mean it is right
There are so many dummies
And all they do is write

Your life is your art
You live what you draw
You either choose to start
Or sit and just watch

The world is unforgiving
The climate harsh
the terrain coarse.
We talk but it never listens
It just runs on and on
A dumb stubborn horse

So find peace in turmoil
Swim against the tide
Climb out of the dark hole
Face the fear,never hide

Everything good will come
Everything good must come
And when everything good comes
The heavens will sing your song

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The Dream

Backward we walk into the future
And correct the mistakes of the past
And we mend the Cracks in the Mirror
To reflect a better image of our lives

Onward we move and trudge
As we shed the scales that burden us
We carry a few along
The rest are mere stains on the wall

We go to the void to fetch the dream
We polish it until it glitters and gleam
We breathe our breath of life into it
And watch it soar and rise and live

The dream is the fence we build
The dream is our defence post
The dream is the sword and shield
The dream is all we hold

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